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Raise Hand Feature

Raise Hand Feature

Sometimes you just have to draw the attention of other people to yourself. We’ve made this easy with the new “Raise Hand” tool. To try this out, click the new hand icon in the toolbar. Others will see a little compass icon that points to the user who’s raising their hand.

(It also makes a fun little sound)

Participant Toolbar


The new participant toolbar allows you to see all users that are currently online. Click the compass icon to locate them on the map.

Editable Room Names

You can now update room names. To do this, open the editor and right-click or double-click a room name.

Notable Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • People that are sharing their screens are now pinned to the top
  • We enabled a more advanced noise cancellation algorithm for video chats
  • Multiple widgets of the same type are now stacked
  • We removed the limit of timers that can be created