Video communication done right.

So that your next virtual event won't be another boring video call.

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Welcome to the future of digital communication.

Ruumio provides virtual event spaces that connect people around the world. It is already being used for virtual offices, classrooms, workshops, talks, exhibitions and casual meetups.

What will you use it for?

"Could you please send me the meeting link again?"

Video conferencing was never
so easy.

Intuitively switch between video conferences by moving from room to room. Just like in the real world.
This makes it easy for everyone to get started and stay connected wherever they are.

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Ruumio maps are fully customizable, down to the placement of walls, video-zones, media and tools. In addition to designing your own background graphics.
You'll get a space that fits your needs.


Embed livestreams and let your visitors interactively participate in your event.


Your virtual fairground with a booth for each of your customers.


Have an overview of all your participants, ready to help in group work.


Online networking that you can finally enjoy, because you don't have to compete with 50 other participants for attention.


Forget link-hopping and join meetings by moving into a room.


Your virtual office with all your tools in one place. Casual conversations included.


Present your greatest images, photos, panoramas or interactive works.

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Everything in one place.

Integrate any kind of media, like images, videos, files, panoramas, IoT devices, livestreams and anything you can imagine.

Ready to supercharge your online-event?

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Let's talk about how you can use Ruumio for your online event.

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